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Project Solar Harvest Arrives on Vashon-Maury Island

Vashon Island, WA, May 10, 2006.   LifeSense Institute, a new nonprofit corporation on VMI, announced today the launch of its Project Solar Harvest, made possible with a seed grant from Sustainable VashonProject Solar Harvest will first build an educational model to demonstrate a practical approach to solar heating that has shown success at several northern latitudes, including Canada, Japan and Scandinavia.  Founder Robert Bornn explained, “Simply put, the approach collects the heat from the summer’s sun and stores it in the ground for use next winter.  Its more complex than that technically, but that’s it in principle.”  He continued, “We think Vashon has an opportunity to play a leading role in introducing this solar technology in the Pacific Northwest.  We are grateful to Sustainable Vashon for their enthusiastic support of this opportunity.” 

LifeSense Institute plans a three-stage pilot project, first with an educational and data collecting model, then with increasingly larger feasibility prototypes.  The culmination of the pilot project will be a “neighborhood grid” for residential or commercial heating.  The neighborhood grid can also be used for solar-heated greenhouses, allowing year-round local growing.  A potentially cost-saving and nature-integrated invention by Bornn that modifies the way these systems are used elsewhere will also be tested. 

Co-founder, Laura Worth explained “The institute’s mission is to facilitate scientific and social innovations that achieve human-friendly and sustainable ecosystems.”  LSI is available for consultation in ultra-green building technologies and facilitation of their practical use in cohousing communities for older adults through its BuildingCircles Project.  LSI is also building an advisory board, fundraising, and developing collaborative relationships with other island groups and individuals. 

BuildingCircles Project is a second project by LifeSense Institute to facilitate the emergence of adult co-housing communities that are affordable, ultra-green, and nature-integrated.  Laura explained, “A good number of people I’ve talked with on Vashon like the idea of developing intentional adult communities for support as they get older.  They’re just not doing anything about it yet.”  Worth continued, “Our role is to facilitate people coming together to define goals and act on them cooperatively. A few neighbors may just wish to create small mutual support systems for things like cooperative grocery shopping.”  Bornn explained further, “Some people may want to collaborate with each other on more ambitious structural improvements like access ramps or raised beds for gardening.  Ultimately, the company will facilitate very comprehensive communities for independent living that are ultra-energy efficient, low-maintenance, affordable, and integrated into nature in a way that preserves our island’s rural character.  It just takes motivated people and community support.”

You can join Robert and Laura at Cafe Luna on June 1st from 6:30-9:00 PM for music and other performances in a fundraising celebration of LifeSense Institute and Project Solar Harvest.   Contact them at www.buildingcircles.org or robert@buildingcircles.org or laura@buildingcircles.org.

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