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Vashon Energy Project 
of LifeSense Institute

  Alternative energy for life 


The Vashon Energy Project of LifeSense Institute will demonstrate new solar heating technologies and service innovations for affordable earth-friendly habitation, non-polluting energy sources, and improvements in organic food production (e.g., solar heated, year-round greenhouses) that are suitable for Vashon-Maury Island and other locations that experience seasonal limitations to solar exposure.  Project Solar Harvest is our initial installation and education project.

Robert Bornn, President
Laura Worth, Vice President
Advisory Board



November, 2006
Solar Energy Charts
(courtesy of BuildingCircles Organization and Jon D. McWhirter, Ph.D., P.E.).

Chart 1: Average Annual Available Solar Energy by Month
Chart 2: Thermal Storage and Use for Annual Solar Heat Storage System

August, 2006
Project Solar Harvest
Photos and Report from Earthfair 2006
Vashon Island, Washington
(courtesy of BuildingCircles Organization, Robert Bornn, and Jon D. McWhirter, Ph.D., P.E.).

Nature-integrated Solar Energy System:  Collection, Storage, and Retrieval of Passive Annual Solar Energy

This invention by Robert Bornn and Jon D. McWhirter, Ph.D., P.E. is the basis for Project Solar Harvest, our first educational demonstration project that collected and stored solar energy for heat on Vashon-Maury Island.  The invention utilizes a unique “front end” which collects and transmits solar radiation into a thermal storage mass.  When retrieved this heat can be used directly for heating water and interior spaces.  The invention's goal is to make solar power more affordable.  It's physical configuration could achieve more affordable and nature-integrated aesthetics than conventional solar technology. 

This invention is inspired by successful practical advances in Europe, Japan, and Canada in neighborhood and large-scale storage of summer solar heat in the ground for winter use. 

If you have engineering, technical, scientific, or architectural expertise in related areas we would like to explore collaborating with you on this pilot project.  We can send you a library of related background links. Please contact us.

Moonlight on Quartermaster Harbor
Vashon Island, Washington
Photo by R. Bornn



Background Links

Successful, High-Temperature, Underground, 
Thermal Energy Storage (HT-UTES) at High Latitudes 

International Energy Agency- Energy Conservation through Energy Storage (IEA-ECES)

Drake's Landing Solar Community

Alternative Energy Information

Index to Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage Newsletters (Archive 1978-1993)

ASME: Journal of Solar Energy Engineering

Trends in Japan: Novel Energy Storage Systems

7   Solar Engineering Savings Calculations

8   University of Wisconsin, Madison, College of Engineering, Information re Concentrating Solar Collector

University of Ontario, Engineering and Applied Sciences, "Thermal Energy Background"

10 Solar District Heating with a Combined Pit and Duct Storage in the Underground


Year-round Solar Greenhouses

Imagine fresh produce grown locally on Vashon-Maury Island in solar greenhouses 
that can collect, store, and use solar-heating year-round.

11 Solar Greenhouse Horticulture Resources 

(Vashon Energy Project is a project of LifeSense Institute, a nonprofit corporation)


We are actively seeking participants and donors for the Vashon Energy Project.  In-kind-donations (services, materials, and equipment) are welcome.  We anticipate collaboration with a network of local and worldwide professionals with expertise in relevant fields. We are forming a dynanmic advisory board to optimize our projects. If you have interest, please contact us to join our mailing list, learn of sponsored informational events, and programs and activitites.

Contact Information
Robert Bornn and Laura Worth
LifeSense Institute
P.O. Box 2443
Vashon Island, WA 98070
(206) 463-4284



Sunrise over Dockton, Maury Island, Washington by R. Bornn
Sunlight on Quartermaster Harbor 
Vashon Island, Washington
Photo by R. Bornn

A vision of our future begins
with our preservation 
of the earth.


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